Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I have the exact dates you will die. Are you a little curious?

Last night I went to a legislators forum, about 20 south central Kansas legislators spent 3 hours listening to 3 minute speeches from the public.  I have been to these before, but this one was a doozey.  A whole string of bible thumpers lashed the crowd and the legislators with barbed biblical furvor for causing earthquakes, tornados, cold weather, by their failure to destroy the constitution tramplers and gays that spread their nation crushing filth with the blessing of liberals.  They assured us God was the author of the constitution, and by adding the age of Abel at his death with the number of pages in the angle authored 1320 bible found behind Ogla the hashish vendors stall in Damascas, from adding this together with the numbers given in code theirin they devined the very date the power grid will fail, it's Sept. 20th, chaos will reign until October 24th when ye all will die under the barbed whips of the angel of death if ye not be right with Jesus no later than Sept 19th 11:59pm central time.  Furthermore corrupt county judges will be whisk off to the pearly gates where they will try to bribe their way into heaven but money has no value at the gates of Eden, crestfallen they will be torn apart by a vengiful god himself  eviserating his enemies in ways to cause the most discomfort, not even fit for hell, Jesus will sweep them out.  I was going to speak, but after the creator of the universe's hall monitors identified themselves, I hid among the huddled masses, behind a school bus driver, who frequently turned to me and said, "Oh my, I should have never come here".  It was amazing to hear the exact dates of our death announced with such glee, but it was good to know that the  county judges were going to be thrashed into bloody hummus, that was kind of cool.
From there the evening went down hill.

Fox news says the killings in Paris are the fault of Obama because he didn't call it a terrorist act soon enough after the murder.  Post incident causation, thats powerful stuff.
Fox also says the bombing in Colorado Springs of a black organization was a lone wolf thingy, not racist, not terrorist.  Prolly Obama caused this too.
Demoted Catholic Cardinal Burke, says pedophile priests were caused by the feminists.  Well I don't believe that but I do believe that well known line, It's easier for a priest to pass through a sphincter than to get into heaven.


  1. Haven't we been down the end of the world road before? If memory serves, The Bible says something about "God alone knows ..."


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