Monday, January 5, 2015

Japan Meteorologist label 2014 hottest year recorded

Using thousands of readings daily from around the globe, taken manually as well as from satellite 2014 set another record high for atmospheric average global temperatures.  Additionally water temperatures in the ocean have set record highs the last 7 months in a row.
Another study in the US found cities are on average 2.4° higher than surrounding land, with many over 4° higher.  This translates to more air conditioning demand, less comfort, shorter life for automobiles and machinery of all types.  Paint your roof white and restrict the amount of blacktop, or coat it lighter colors, coatings in tan are 20° cooler than black.


  1. Shit. As our buddy BadTux the Snarky Penguin says, WASF (We Are So Fucked).
    Good job on the blog anyway. This stuff needs to be said long and loud.

    1. Farnsworth, Thanks. I don't tire of saying it.


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