Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kochs courts and crooks

$900,000,000 is budgeted by the Koch's and their friends for the 2016 Presidential election.  That's more than either party spent last year.
Aren't you glad now the Supreme Court stopped the inherent discrimination against the super rich.  Before "Citizens Entitled" the poor had the freedom to spend a higher percentage of their income on elections than the rich did.  A guy working minimum wage restaurant job in Kansas at less than $4 an hour gives $10 to a campaign, how can a millionaire compete percentage wise?  It just wasn't fair.  The rich guy was hobbled with those unfair limits on giving.  Thanks to Judge Roberts Court, the playing field is level now, and we should all rejoice at the freedoms that will buy.

Did you ever see a better reason to get off fossil fuel, to buy a energy stingy car, turn the unused lights off, cut the grass every 8 days instead of every 7?

In Mexico the drug cartels are starting to drill into pipelines, hi-jack oil transport trucks.  The cartels are now in the oil business, stealing oil and selling it back into the system they took it from.  In some regions they are getting as much as 5% of the oil.   Crooks are drawn to black gold, another reason to air up your tires.

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