Sunday, January 18, 2015

quaff some suds and save mother earth

 There are these guys, and gals that get together for a beer or two at a social event just to meet others also interested in clean energy technologies for power, transportation, to clean the air and water, for jobs, connecting with information for business and home.  The name of these monthly or quarterly events is Green Drinks.  It quickly spread over the world.  You can look for your nation and city to see if there is one near you.   Go to one, the worst that can happen is you drink a beverage and leave early.  The best is you might learn something and meet others with the same concern for the future of your community, and thus the world.

Devils Tower with Milky Way
Solar energy produced 20 percent more jobs last year than any other energy sector, including oil.  Thats big medicine qemo sobie!

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