Sunday, January 4, 2015

Temp record highs beat lows 24 to 7

Climate change deniers often face the camera or their associates at a lunch and blurt out it's a lie that temperatures are climbing.  Wonder sometimes if they are right?  Google (your town or state name) daily record high low temp.  Your going to get a 365 day list of the high and the low temperatures and the year the record was set.  Stick to the high column, usually the 1st, and the low column, usually the 3rd.  I looked at Topeka Kansas for January.
Look for which year is the most recent, this alone would indicate a trend.  I chose Topeka because most the legislators in the Capital say we are not getting warmer.  Well, of the January records, the highs are more recent than the lows on 24 days.

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