Saturday, August 3, 2013

American men have the worst dicks

Ladies, you are more than likely not getting what you should.  American men have the highest level of  erectile dysfunction in the world.

100 million men around the globe have dicks that bend at the wrong time.  30 million of those softies are in the US.  With less than 5% of the worlds population we own 30% of the weak willies.

Erectile Dysfunction, fear of standing, is caused by plaque build up in the tiny blood vessels in the love tool.  A heart attack of the mighty sword.  These little vessels are suppose to fill with blood and hold on to it till the party is over, inflate like a blow up doll.  Cholesterol from a meat, starch and sugar based diet forms plaque in the penis first because they are tiny tiny passages, so they clog first.  This is the one wake up call you get boys and girls (who care about boys).  WAKE UP, YOUR DICK DON"T WORK AND YOUR HEART IS NEXT.   It goes like this, it kills your peter, then kills you!

And the disease is hitting men younger all the time, 40% of 40 year old men (in US) now have E.D., it's diet, it's exercise, it's meat.  Those countries turning to our diet are also finding their peckers point at their feet instead of their lovers jewels.

Viagra works for a while, but most men keep getting more blockage until it won't help.  It also doesn't work if your dead from a heart attack.  OK, in case you wonder, I am as near to a vegan as you can get and still be disqualified, small serving of fish or poultry one or two times a week, no sugars, the only dairy is low fat yogurt.  We eat a lot of Indian food, man they know how to make vegies taste like heaven.  Oh, about droop and deflection around here, nope, think pipe gate on a hickory post.


  1. Three thumbs up for this Fringe!

    1. This radiation treatment didn't do me any favors. But, the EKG was perfect so I may get me a jar of them blue vein diamond cutter pills. That failing - If I can't no longer cut the mustard; I can damned well lick the jar!

      Good post.


    2. Sarge, your funny. But it never hurts to lay off the meat (of any kind) one more meal a week, especially cured and fried meats.

  2. Replies
    1. Heather;
      I was a cook in Germany in a resort hotel, it's not impossible to lay off the butter and cream. My wife and I have looked high and low but you can find similar recipes for many things, from corn bread, to sauces that use olive, or other plant based oils in place of butter, and low fat or soy yogurts in sauces. Often they are not exact replicas, a bit different but good. Look to ethnic groups from Central America, India, Okinawa, both sides of the Mediterranean. The best cook book to avoid these health problems may be Moosewood Restaurant Low Fat cookbook and Mayo Clinic/William Sonoma cookbook. Take care of your family starts with food that won't shorten their lives.


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