Friday, August 2, 2013

up up and away in my beautiful balloon

Not one scientific organization in any nation in the world disagrees that CO2 and other greenhouse gasses are causing global warming.  Not one, none!  All agree, and all understand where these gasses come from.  Human activity.  Much of which could be modified in a short time if enough political and commercial pressure is applied.
This balloon graph represents emissions if all electric generation was from a single source.  It's very instructive to see this.  The illustration provides stark clarity of how damaging fossil burners are, and where the well lit path to a solution really is.  It's not possible to have a single source, but you can see shuttering fossil burners and using the small balloons* in combination would result in about 5% of our current emissions.
* if too small to read, the little balloons left to right in gigatons: wind 0.3, geothermal 1, hydro 0.1, ocean 0.2, solar csp 0.5, biopower 0.4, nuclear 0.4, solar pv 1.

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