Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bees, the next extinction?

Sarge ( gave me a Time magazine, Aug 19 2013 edition, when I visited him last week.  "A world without BEES" the cover story.  Interesting, I was aware of most of the problems causing colony collapse, one day the keeper goes to the brood and it's empty, all gone.  Some bee keepers are wiped out, totally.
There are a number of issues causing this, a variety of pesticides chiefly, along with a fungus, and a couple of imported microscopic bugs that live on bees.  Some of these chemicals cause them to get lost, unable to find the hive. This multiple layer of contributors gives chemical companies cover to claim it's not my product, it's something else.  The EU is so concerned they banned a family of sprays and treatments made with nicotine.  Why so worried about bees?  Well for one thing we eat honey, and some honey is testing at up to 20 different chemicals, you want to eat that?  If it killed bees when they ate a dot of it, what will it do when we eat a couple bottles of it?  But there is a another concern, all the rest of our food.  Sarge's gift to me included the following partial list of bee dependent foods by the percent production will fall without bees: Almond 100%, Apple 90%, Asparagus 90%, Avocado 90%, Broccoli 90%, Blueberry 90%, Onion 90%, Cherry 80%, Cucumber 80%, Celery 80%, Plum 65%, Watermelon 65%, Tangerine 45%, Lemon 20%,Cotton 20%, Peanut 2%, Grape 1%.

What can you do?  When possible reward organic farmers, buy their stuff.  Stop dumping this crap on your lawns and gardens, your going to lose a few plants to bugs, pick them off or let them go, we do, and we still get lots of vegis from the garden.  Include a line in your next rant to your congressman about this issue.

Thanks Sarge


  1. Darrel.
    Not seeing many honey bees at Mom's - Bumblebees though...
    I wonder - Is that because of the size difference?

    And yur welcome.
    Damn! What if the hops and barley is next!


    1. Shit, I never thought of that, hops probably, barley no. Almost all grains self pollinate if they are grouped together. Beer without hops would be like sex without orgasm, just a lot of swallowing for nothing.

    2. Snagged at .750 of Absolut at CVS for $16.99 - I will be fine...



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