Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Once I did a good thing.

 A few years ago I read about an eskimo village on the coast in Alaska raising money for a wind turbine.  They had a couple of big diesel generators roaring and smoking 24/7 and they wanted some relief and to save money.  Served by one very long twisting cold poor quality sometime impassable gravel road, the delivered cost of diesel was terrible.  If they could get a wind turbine, the wind blew there nearly full time, they could save money, and turn off those stinking screaming diesels.
The wind turbine was in the hundreds of thousands, and the price to get it delivered, erected and connected at earths end was almost as much.  I donated $50 I think.  A year or so later I got notice it was done.  The village got a loan for most of it and donations paid for most the delivery and install costs.  Now the diesel generators act as back up, not needed often.  The pictures I grabbed off the net, unlikely they are of my windmill, but maybe, maybe.

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  1. Darrel,
    I never thought about putting windmills up there in Alaska! Yes, the dsmned wind howls in the Land of The Midnight Sun. King Salmon at the top of the Aleutian Peninsula had wind all year long! And, when Bristol Bay is frozen up - no way to get fuel - highways up there are all inland - not along the coast.

    Good man!



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