Monday, August 26, 2013

my rotten stupid car

Tail light burned out, little warning light tipped me off.  Couple screws and some yanking later I got the bulb in hand and on my way to the auto supply franchise chain store where,,,,the counter kid grinningly glides me to the bulbs which are,,,,all freaking in a nasty plastic and cardboard box of two for $8.  I need one, what the fuck do I want two for?  I politely rag on the kid about it but he can't change the fact the bulb maker and the chain store figured out how to force me to buy then lose half the shit I buy.  9 months from now, I can't find that bulb if needed.  They know that, they love that, it drives their sales volume double in this case with waste forced on the consumer.  Stupid cars.
The first time I ever saw a Pep Boys, couldn't see the garage doors, just the stupid sign and walk in door, I thought it was a gay bar, sorry gay readers, I did.

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