Friday, August 2, 2013

Today, 7 former EPA chiefs, 4 Republicans, said Global Warming debate is over

Speaking with one voice they wrote/said: There is no credible scientific debate about the facts: our world continues to warm, the last decade was the hottest ever, the deep ocean is warming even faster than the atmosphere, sea ice is melting and sea level is rising.  The cost of inaction will be crippling and the window of time to act is shrinking very very fast.  (paraphrased and shortened)   These remarks were specifically directed at the GOP they indicated either act now or bear the blame of a climate that is very hostile to human life.

Elsewhere, a study by U of C Berkley and Princeton University concluded warmer temperatures drive up violence, more wars, more civil insurrection (Arab Spring), more crime.  Shouldn't be a surprise, every old police movie the sheriff worries about riots and lynch mobs when the dog days of summer set in.

Political and economic pressure can change things.  Find the clean energy promoting group in your state and sign up for emails, learn, speak out, they are backing an industry, green products, don't be stupid about that, but it is also clean air, lower temperatures, and in most cases lower energy bills.  I will post some of the state organizations as I find them.

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