Thursday, August 1, 2013

Petcoke cloud from storm July 27 13, thanks Koch brothers, thanks Canada

This is Petcoke in Detroit, it's the left overs from refining Canadian tar sands.  It's owned by Koch brothers Marathon refinery in Detroit, right on the shore of the great lakes, just over the river from Windsor, Canada.  The shit is being stored uncovered without permits, it's toxic, high sulfur, heavy metals including high in vanadium a cancer causing toxin.  It is carried aloft in the wind, it runs into the great lakes when it rains.  Only this week did Koch apply for a permit, the state parroted Koch's line, it has not been proven to be harmful.  So why not take it home, use it in their drive ways, flower gardens, kids sand box!  Residents in the area complained of black dust in their houses some months ago, testing showed it was Petcoke.


  1. Yet the Repugs want to eliminate the regulation heavy EPA...



  2. That's the only thing that'll stay in this country if Keystone pipeline goes thru, petcoke.


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