Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Klansas, where the radical rich are safe from bankruptcy. Only Florida has more protection for the rich in a bankruptcy case.

Out of state for a while, come back to this kind of news:
1) Klansas Foster Care is flooded with thousands of new cases overwhelming the system this year.
Well if you just chop off families on welfare, food stamps, deny whole families welfare if any adult in the house fails drug test, closing health clinics, closing psychiatric hospitals and counseling centers, tax burdens have increased on the working poor then the kids WILL fall through the cracks.  And... adoptions have plummeted in this bible thumping state???
Pope Brownback's mouthpieces say these kids are flooding into foster care because their parents are too lazy to work, nothing to do with the "savings" he has made in these programs.

2) Klansas unemployment numbers are climbing when the nations are shrinking.
See item 1.
3) Klansas oil producers are crying that Obama is considering reducing the tax credits on the smallest of oil wells, those pumping on average 2.2 barrels a day.  The sky will fall the sky will fall.  After all they point out the oil industry already is taxed 90 billion a year and that is enough burden on the industry.
Never mind the 90 billion, most don't pay anything at all, and since when should their be a limit on taxes paid, lets see if I make so much profit then I should hit a cut off limit and pay nothing after that, and what's their usual meme, government shouldn't pick winners and losers, or, let the market place work and those who can't make profit shouldn't be gifted to stay in business.  Yesterday all the states congressmen and senators spoke in front of the oil industry lunch and vowed to protect that welfare and as a bonus to stop Obama care at all cost no matter what the cost.  You gotta love it that they would hang their dicks out in front of so many, they will fail on Obama care, the oil thing I don't know on that one.


  1. Get out of that damned wheatfield! Do I think my cornnfield is much better? Sadly, no.


  2. We got our share in Colorado too. I go back to my cornfield and I'm talking to the people who vote Steve King into office.

    1. OF; I'm sure you do, but at least it's not 70/30 like in Kansas. I may have to move there one day to tip the balance.

  3. Eventually it may occur to people that the strategy of the top 1%ers is to divide and conquer. So long as the other 99% can be distracted and divided by issues such as gay rights, immigration - name your hot button topic - they won't band together and rise up against the "trickle downers", aka: the 1%, aka the ones who piss on the poor and middle class and tell 'em it's raining.


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