Sunday, February 17, 2013

my neighbors won the lottery and partied hardy.

OK, not really neighbors, but in the same part of the state.  2 brothers are Kansas lottery winners walking off with a 75k jackpot, cashed it at and with pockets full of cash dashed to their meth dealer, then hurried home and poured lighter fluid all over the bong holding their jackpot, and maybe a little spilled in the kitchen, and who among us hasn't found that soaking your dope pipe and kitchen in accelerant isn't the surest method to get a stubborn dope pipe going?  Fumes and a pilot light met while they hunted for matches.  Poof!  Both are in jail swaddled in bandages. The fire burned up most the meth, cash, and house.  

Less crazy than that.  Bills put forward in Kansas house, one will prevent state agencies from seeking accreditation from the federal government or outside the state.  So, I guess our hospitals, schools, fire departments, will no longer meet any government standard if this passes.  I guess a police department could not get federal funds after that, or a health clinic could not see medicare patients.

I say the brothers are not as reckless as Kansas legislators.

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  1. Are you sure your state legislators aren't doing meth?


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