Wednesday, December 18, 2013

37 Novembers in a row, each warmer than the previous

NOAA compiles the worlds surface temperature every day from thousands of monitors, reports, and satellite reading.  THIRTY SEVEN without a break.  Recorded temps go back to 1880, and for the last 37 Novembers the mercury rose.
Maybe you live where you had a really cold night, or whole month, but over the whole of the earth, both hemispheres, the sea the land the desert the swamp the mountain, the whole beautiful blue marble was warmer, now we are up to 56.6°F, a 1.4° rise, enough if you have a fever to put you off your game.  1.4° seems small but it's enough to spawn fights over thermostat settings in offices.  It's a  difference that works most the year melting glaciers.  Our food sources, from pigs to pears all have a  comfort range, exceed it and they; stop growing, produce less, produce nothing, die.  In the mid west we know when the temp starts jumping over 101, the tomatoes won't put on fruit, we are risking with global warming additional days when the plant just sets, trying to survive instead of fruiting.

I gave a friend an LED bulb 2 months ago, he was bitching the electric bill was too much.  Today I ask him how he likes it and burning 1/5th as much power for that light?  He hasn't put it in, said he hasn't decided where to put it yet and wonders if he will like it.  Some people are so fucked up, they make it hard for me to save the world, I told him 37 god damn it and this is why we can't have nice things.

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  1. Send a letter to Senator James Inhofe - the chief climate change denier.
    Oh, R-Oklahoma - naturally....



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