Friday, December 20, 2013

Climate deniers hot enough to melt ice

This week another environmental info site joined the LA Times and a couple other science and eco sites who recently changed their comment policy.  Climate deniers posting anti-science and false facts will be deleted and blocked.  My paper is full of this hill-billy science comments claiming Freon never hurt no damn ozone, DDT never killed no eagles, oil never killed no frogs.
Attack on freedom of speech said the deleted ones.  No, says the owners of the sites, just fixing the debate rules, debates cannot occur when someone continues to interrupt with insults and repeat things which are not factual.  There are plenty of things to debate, decide, test and improve using facts.  If you want to talk to your uncle that's different, sure he will appreciate your assurance DDT is safe, FEMA has more labor prisons than North Korea, and coal smoke cools the earth by shading it.

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