Friday, December 6, 2013

Obama Green Energy directive.

This week Obama hit another home run on the environment.  He directed the federal government, military included, to increase their use of renewables by 20% by 2020, in increments starting next year. It also directs them to use less water and reduce their carbon footprint.  They can achieve these goals by doing it of their own accord such as buying a hybrid car or contracting for new windows or insulation for example.  It also directs the government to focus wind and solar installations for their own use on 'brown" sites, land fills or polluted areas to make them productive.  He also directs a 50% reduction of rubbish going to landfills.
Since Obama came to office the government has moved to buy or produce 7% of its electricity from renewables, already a great achievement.
The military is keen on this already, they have been bucking the GOP in Congress the last 5 years buying solar panels, fuel savings devices, shopping for tank and ship engines that save fuel, all against the wishes of the fossil fuel industry and the congress they own.
Our government has 50 thousand buildings, the largest energy and fuel buyer in the world.  The savings from changes in lighting, insulation, better windows, efficient heating will show up in only a couple of years.  Payback on some of these things are fast.  Payback for the environment is almost immediate.
Fuck the oil companies, the coal companies, they're buggy whip makers, times are changing, your turn is over.

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