Sunday, December 8, 2013

Devils in the details

Satanist have informed the state of Oklahoma they will submit plans to install a satanic monument on the state house steps, next to the 10 commandment monument.  After hiring lawyers to review the 09 law that allowed the "10", they said they have the right as well.  They singled out the author of the bill for his work, thanking him, saying he has helped Satanist with this law more than any of them could have ever done on their own.  They will submit multiple plans for the state to approve, saying they are eager that it meet community standards.
Thanks again bible thumpers, oh, wait and see the dingbats that come out of the woodwork to run schools when you pass a school voucher law.


  1. Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas - what a blight on America.


  2. I wish I could say Wisconsin isn't like that but if we're not we're getting there ...


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