Sunday, December 8, 2013

battle of the Popes for Kansas

Wichita paper editorial cartoon.  The little dog on the left says "Now, if you were a corporation..."

A local cartoonist did this, fitting after Pope Brownback announced a 1 billion dollar 5 year reduction in aid to all sorts of causes, in a low population state that pretty much means the poor WILL go hungry and die of preventable common diseases.  Then later in the week the front page story ask the question if charity from churches were making the poors life too easy.  Even the churches here are hard ass.

Thankfully at least one editorial today suggested the actual Catholic Pope in Rome attacked trickle down economics as cruel.  This is the opening, the beginning of a return of the religious left which has been smothered and coopted by the right.  We could see a little common sense and a shaving off of some of the republican catholic votes back to the center or the left.

The dogs ref to corporations may relate to the states competing for a new Boeing factory which will mean several billion in free land at a large airport, years of no tax, free water, sewer, training, several states are falling over one another to give their way to having a business bully locate in their town.


  1. I cannot believe that Kansas is that hateful. Is it mass insanity or what with these people?


  2. Someone wrote a book several years ago about 'What's wrong with Kansas?" and it's gotten even worse since then.


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