Friday, December 13, 2013

The civil war in the GOP

Bad timing.  It appears skirmishing has begun, the GOP has so much hate they can not dissipate it fast enough, they are starting to use it on one another.  I am not surprised about this.  Even in the Kansas State house the same thing is going on.  I work with one GOP rep who at least shares one interest of mine, clean energy as a benefit to both humans and the planet.  But he told me this one deviation from the straight line march they demand will earn him a party sponsored challenger.  At the Fed. level, our GOP Senator high 90s% conservative voter Pat Roberts is up for election, and Ted Cruz is sponsoring a Tea Bag challenger against him.  A white guy named Wolf, who is a 2nd cousin to Obama, Ted Cruz raising money against senior senators, such is the warfare.
But, as fun as this is, it's ill timed.  I predict they will settle most these senate and house level fights in 60 days or so one way or the other.  A shame this blow up didn't wait a few months.  Maybe, just maybe it will drag out.
I still think for all the blood and guts that may be shed, overall the rich and corporations will flood who ever is left standing and mount a 2014 election that will be little different in outcome than if the fight never happened.  We who oppose the GOP now for their war on women, voting, charity, the middle class, will still have the same fight come mid terms, I don't see a cake walk.
Additionally, the Kochs have made an effort for the last few years and promise a much bigger one this round, that is to fund county and city, judges and state races for tea baggers.  In races that use to run on $5K, they are dumping in 10K, we are seeing in Kansas county races and small town mayors with thousands from a single donor, and they win, then they work for Koch, and this is whats the matter with Kansas and they are taking it national.  You better start paying attention to the dog catcher races, their being loaded with people who are learning to take money for favors.


  1. Darrel,
    I think the tone of the GOP is changing. Boehner was told by a bagger group in the House that they knew a shut down strategy wouldn't work and got pissed!
    I love it!

  2. Let me clarify - a shutdown strategy to force repeal of ObamaCare". I think the far riight in the GOP is losing its voice because moderate Republicans in the House see that they need Democratic votes to pass legislationm over the bagger's heads.
    The Senate is another case with the fucking filibuster. And, even the new spending bill is getting a rider on it from McSenile's butt fuck toy Lindsey Graham to block the nuclear weapons treaty with Iran. We have Cruz, Rand Paul, Rubio, Santorum, and now Reverend Huckabee talking about 2016.
    How will Christie fair against them?
    I say Hillary Clinton and Julian Castro.



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