Monday, December 16, 2013

Leaf'n the past behind

Around the block I've seen an electric Nissan Leaf drifting in and out of the garage of an unknown neighbor.  And Nissan is just waking up to what some Danish folks already do, fix the car so electrons can go in, or out.  Nissan is going to make some minor changes so this can be done without any tinkering.  When you have a rolling energy supply, why not make the full benefit available.

*Back up power.  Storms or hackers knock out your coal fired energy source, rather than buying a back up generator, or setting in the dark, let the Leaf do the work.  Fully charged Leaf can run most homes for 2 days, a week if your ultra stingy.

Just the Nissan announcement of Leaf as an emergency back up system will change the way the public thinks of EV, and competitors are idiots if they do not copy the feature.  The plant in Tennessee is set to increase production next year, the demand for the Leaf is increasing.


  1. Loosing power during that ice storm was my greatest fear with Mom. Darrel,
    that is neat shit!


  2. First I've heard of this, Yellow Fringe. Appreciate the heads up. Think they're building the thing about ten miles from here in Smyrna.


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