Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Where there's smoke there's sugar, or meat.

Burn stuff, coal, wood, trash, and you get smoke.  Smoke is bad.  Same thing is going on in your body.  Burn the sugars and starches in food and you get, well not smoke, but same thing, oxidation, in this case it's called free radicals.  Just like smoke, this oxidation in our body can cause cancer, and many other forms of damage to cells throughout the body.
If you consume sugar, or a sugar drink, in the next 5 hours these free radicals rise to very high numbers.  If we eat peas, oranges, or any number of plants that may also contain high levels of sugar, the rise in free radicals is hard to detect.  This is because sugars and starches that reside in unprocessed plants come packaged by nature with 4 great big fancy sounding compounds I won't try to spell out, but these various anti-oxidant chemicals, more correctly phytonutrients, act like a catalytic converter to neutralize pollution in us.
Some food products, the so called super foods, broccoli, blueberries, walnuts, kale, kiwi, cranberries, and many others are so phytonutrient-rich they can neutralize large amounts of free radicals, and even heavy metals in some organs, even cause the body to attack cancer cells.
Meat can't do this.  Dairy can't do this. Eggs can't do this. In fact they add a hell of a lot of toxins and fee radicals to our body, include a very low level of inflamation in the veins following every meal.
You really ought to eat more plants.

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