Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Poison fish warnings in North Carolina

I was in North Carolina a few days, friends took me to a lake to hike, at the waters edge a sign warns sportsmen not to eat more than two 6oz. servings of fish a month, children and pregnant people should never eat it.  Seems the power plant, as well as some factories have been dumping fly (coal) ash and other shit they don't want to properly deal with right in the god damn lake or piling it on the shore.  A beautiful lake, absolutely poisoned.  But it can't be, I always heard how our corporate benefactors so love the earth they would never do anything to harm it or their customers.

Later the subject of well water came up, turns out in the same area many homeowners have PCB's, cadmium, mercury in the water and had to connect to a municipal water system.  Again, the source is the same set of businesses.
It's our fault for allowing the corporations to wreck the earth for years and years into the future.


  1. We are still fighting that mine near the Patoka wildlife area...


    1. Keep writing and calling and talking it up with people you meet, keep w


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