Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Swede's opinion on Obama

A manufacturing technology business associate of mine called to wish me happy festivus.  He's Swedish, and a US citizen for 15 years or so.  He was talking about how manufacturing business is ramping up, fewer unemployed in our field now, lots of investments, some products are coming back into the US for manufacturing.  Then he said, and homes are selling again, stocks are crazy up, profits are crazy up, agricultural crops and land at all time high and all energy sectors are booming.   And Obama doesn't get any credit for it.  It is absolutely nuts.

He said; I really don't like some of what he does, maybe more than half of what he does, but I don't hate the guy, I want to be fair, he does a lot of good things too.  It's because of his skin color so many old Americans and business people deny him any credit.  Coming from Sweden we are not so unkind, we can oppose an idea without hate, and we don't use appearance to decide if his idea should be opposed.  What about Syria he said, we missed the chance to help the rebels before radicals took over their cause, but taking away chemical weapons, this is hugh, this is important, but he gets no credit for this.

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