Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kansas beat the Chamber, Kochs, ALEC, AFP, up against the wall, #7

I'm setting here sending emails to Kansas State Reps for tomorrows house vote to kill Wind Energy in Kansas, when I get an email from a Republican Rep, saying they got the bill a day early, and voted to kill the bill and save wind energy and clean jobs for vets.

I can hardly believe it, I needed to see it from a second source, I searched  a half hour before it showed up on the Topeka papers site.

As you can read in the posts below, the Senate passed it yesterday, but the pressure was too much for the house, they put it up against the wall and shot it dead.  A few days from now we fight net metering, next year, all of them again.    Tonight I will drink some Templeton Rye Whiskey from Iowa, one of the most advanced wind energy states.

Oh, I just got an invite to go to DC and meet people at Operation Free.  Thanks Sarge, I roped him into sending email to the Senate President.


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