Friday, March 14, 2014

Russia's Crimea grab spurs Europe's solar and wind growth.

Russia can cut off the gas to Germany, but every day it matters a little less.  Germany is getting 50% of their energy some days from wind and solar and still growing.  Now a new number is discovered, 1 in 6, about 16% companies/businesses have self owned solar, most get about  1/2 of their energy from solar.  In light of the Putin's Crimea adventure and threats another 23% of businesses said last week they will add solar panels this year.  This could be the biggest year yet for solar growth in Germany.  Suddenly energy independence has a real urgency for Germans, and the outcome will be a reduced cash flow to Russia.

One head line in Germany this week, Putin can't stop the wind.

This leads me to Operation Free.  The vet group working to defend and promote wind and solar to keep us out of oil wars, eliminate fuel supply lines (number one killer in Iraq and Afghan), and jobs for vets, make the US energy independent from clean sources. Vets are 6.7% of the workers but they top 9% of the wind and solar work force, one of the largest sectors they migrate to, and many of them see this as a "second service" by using our own renewables keeps our money at home and out of the hands of multinational companies and corrupt petro-states.  If you are a vet, go to and sign up, they ask only email and zip code, bang your a member.

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