Friday, March 21, 2014

pig shit for as far as the eye can see

Kansas legislature, almost in secret last week, no one seemed to know it was coming, OK'd one of if not the biggest factory hog farms in the nation.  340,000 swine.  In one place.  Producing more sewage than any city in the state.  Wichita with 315,000 is the biggest, and the application lists more tons and gallons of sewage than Wichita.
This giant stench is going to be located in the far southwest corner of the state, off highway US54.  It will be between hundreds of thousands of cattle standing knee deep in shit in the feed lots around Dodge City and Garden City Kansas, and just north of several hundred thousand more cattle in stock yards surrounding Dalhart Texas.  You can smell this area already, but now this, people on US 54 from New Mexico up into Kansas are going to need gas masks.
That area is in a drought, but this will spark even more drilling for water to grow the corn to burn in these poor caged animals bowels.  Kansas, especially southwest Kansas is not corn country, but they will do it, for a few years, till the heat kills it or the water runs out, and it will.  T Boon Pickens in Amarillo has been buying water rights in that corner of the state, the panhandle of Oklahoma and Texas.  He owns a lot of it now.  And as the water runs out, that shrinking resource will make having an oil well look like a stupid idea, water will be king.  He has made efforts for a contract to send it to Oklahoma City, even Dallas, one day they will buy it, we will use up all our water, for corn, meat.

I hardly ever eat meat.  I'm damn near a vegan.  I bet I haven't had a couple pounds of meat a year for the last 3, maybe longer.  You need to go stand out there in Dodge City and watch those beasts covered with shit and flies eating corn.  Corn is not a cattle food, it gives them stomach ulcers, in order to keep them healthy they give feed them drugs all the time.  Pigs, same shit, as far as the watery eye can see.


  1. Pig shit? You didn't smell that coming west on I-64 in southern Indiana? I had a hog farmer for a client over in Holland, Indiana - The first visit was in a blue pin-stripe three peice with polished wing tip shoes. The next time was in blue jeans and a flannel shirt with rubber boots. Oh, the smell took my breath away! Sold him and his two sons disbility income policies from Illinois Mutual - Good bucks; but I earned it. I had to toss the wing tips and have the suit sent to the cleaners...

    Visit a turkey farm - Or a chicken processing plant....


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