Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Once more, up against the wall, smoke'm if ya got'm, here's yer blindfold.

Tomorrow I give testimony before the Kansas Senate on the Renewable Portfolio Standard, that's the term for wind and solar energy requirements made between the state and the utilities a few years ago.  ALEC is running round the country pushing states to toss any energy that don't make smoke.

I know this shit, armed with facts and patriotism, believe me on the patriotism, I have 30,000 military veterans on my side and that's one thing I'll be telling, why those vets want the US off fossil fuels of all kinds, and fast.  I won't be on my own, I think the Sierra Club will speak,  farmer/landowners, a variety of businesses, county commissioners, a coalition of churches, students, everyone wants wind and solar but some in the GOP, it'll be fun.  90% of the state is for it, really, it's true.  Still I think we might lose this fight.  


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