Monday, March 10, 2014

up a dry creek

We people of the USA are the worst water wasters in the world.  380 gallons a day, thats how much we(you) use.  No other nation comes close, most developed nations are half that.  Poor nations are down to a less than a gallon a day, just what they drink.
Where is it going: we shit in clean water, 100 gallons is used to wash and process every killed beef, we take 10 even 20 minute showers, leaky pipes, car wash, fracking, steam in fossil fuel and nuke power plants, manufacturing waste, we irrigate corn to make ethanol just to burn that up, we pour tens of thousands of gallons on a lawn so we can cut it off every week, old dish and clothing washing machines, and drinking.
I was in a public rest room last week with a waterless urinal, worked fine, not sure how but it worked, a sign said a urinal in a busy public toilet uses 40,000 gallons of water a year.  Our washer and dishwasher pooped out last year, bought new ones with the lowest water usage we could get, our water bill has fallen significantly, electric bill too.  The water table is falling fast in my state.  If we don't cut back, we will be up a dry creek with no need for a paddle.


  1. We get what we deserve and that is not an attempt to be funny.

    1. OF, I am trying to use less, got that fast shower down to about 2 - 3 minutes, and keep your fly fishing water in the river.

  2. Darell,
    I drove down by the Angel Mounds (google that) boat ramp and the Ohio River and it is above flood stage as is the White and the Wabash. We have lots of water. In fact, I am hopeful that the ice freeze on the Great Lakes will raise the water levels up there. The drought and over population is the problem out west - that and science deniers like Jim Inhofe (R-Okie) and the Republicans who would eliminate the EPA.
    You want to build a pipeline? I say build one from Duluth, Mn to Phoeniz, Az and pump water down there. Not enough to damage Lake Superior but to give those people some added water. Now, as to the Mississippi River drainage - when the snow melts on the west side of the Rockies the Red, Snake, and Missouri rivers flood into the Mississippi and all of that water goes straight down to the Gulf Of Mexico - I say build a pumping station at Bytheville, Arkanasas and pump water at flood stage to Texas and New Mexico.
    Just spit-balling here. But, cutting water usage is one answer. I have one of those high tech shower heads...


  3. Make that east side of the Rockies...
    Damned good whiskey...



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