Saturday, March 29, 2014

we be screwed? up against it part 8

Started out today at a coffee/talk with my GOP state house rep and the senator of the district that starts a mile north.  They told me this week, the end of the session, we will see a rare maneuver, the GOP leadership will rename the dead bill (designed to kill wind energy in Kansas), and bundle it with a group of bills that have broad support and have to get passed.  They both predict Koch's will win before the week is out.
Also, the "religious freedom bill" that got the whole nation riled up, lets businesses refuse to serve gays, or government workers refuse to serve gays, that is coming back and will be flushed through the shit house that is Topeka.  The way it works is the last few days of the session they work 15 hour days and pass 35 or more bills a day, by the time they get notice on thier laptop of a vote, they scramble to find out what the hell is in it, the vote starts, debating things will turn it into a 24 hours session, the house leaders wear the bastards down till they just set there and vote, no time to see what page 15 of the bill might have hiding in it.
Democracy in Klansas, a wholly owned subsidiaries of Koch Industries.
It may be another week before I know, but me thinks we be screwed.


  1. Just so you know: Mike Pence did not veto the bill to kill wind energy in Indiana - He just took politically safe "no action" and the bill will become law without his signature. But, he will ask the general assembly" next year for a new energy bill...
    That will happen right after hell freezes over.


    1. Ron, any news links to that, I didn't know this.


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