Friday, March 21, 2014

up against the wall part 4

The GOP the Kochs the Chamber got the bill out of committee, then........then.........and then they stripped it from it's bill number and inserted it into another bill on the floor of a different subject.  Now, the floor can't vote against it on it's own.  I am sure it will pass on the floor, then Governor Sam Brownback is unlikely to veto it.  He is actually very favorable to wind energy, and this might keep him from doing that.
In another committee, yesterday, they rolled out a bill to repeal tax exemption for wind energy turbines. In Kansas all electrical generation equipment is property tax exempt, coal fired plants don't pay property tax.  This, if it passes, will end wind farms in Kansas until their cost verses production ratio grows even stronger than it is now.  In fact this may make some of the old wind farms uncompetitive, they may have to come down. Which is what they want, they want to build a coal fired power plant, this damn wind energy is filling the gap.
Koch Industries owns Kansas lock stock and barrel.  They paid for this, and they dam well are going to get what they bought, a state where fossil fuel has artificial price advantages.  Fuck-it, I'm going to Home Depot before lunch and buy a couple more LED light bulb, I am determined to lower my electrical use again, I have lowered it every year the last 4 or 5 years, I'll do it again.


  1. Darrel,
    Don't freeze in the dark to prove a point. Do what you are doing - being heard.



  2. LED's are a light source, I have several of them in the house, we do not set in the dark, you could read the fine print on your medicine bottle anywhere in the house, as for cold, 70° most the time in the winter, except night we let it fall to 64.


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