Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Up against the wall Kansas, part 6

We lost in the KS Senate, 25 to 15.  Can't find a voting record on line.  News story say at least a couple of Republicans voted against the bill.  (voting no is a vote for wind and solar energy) Thursday the House votes, but through a senate slight of hand they can prevent debate in the house, are we in a democracy or not, honestly I don't understand why they don't do this all the time, WTF?  The house is so lopsided with GOP I can't imagine we can prevail.  Even my GOP pal that voted for me 2 times on this issue is dodging my calls and emails, pretty sure he turned on me.
At least one group I know of, Union of Concerned Scientist, are asking their members to start asking Gov. Brownback to veto the bill.  Brownback is as far up the ass of government by the rich and for the corps as it gets, but he has time after time supported and promoted wind energy.  Maybe, just maybe he would veto it.
Even public radio the last few days has fallen into the fair and balanced cop-out of reporting. He said, she said, one statement from each side, you wouldn't know what to believe if you didn't know the industry and the law, all they had to do was go to the state records to see wind has lowered our rates, but the GOP says they have raised our rates, and he said she said.  Are journalism students learning anything now, or are they just told, go ask that guy, now go ask the other, there it is the story is done, your a journalist.  WTF.
Not bummed out about what looks like will be a defeat.  A rose bush has more than one thorn on it, they can break off one, we got more.


  1. Sorry yf. It's not done yet - - - but. And at national level legislation that passes does so only if it favors corporations.

    We are soooo screwed and few get it. Somebody let me know when something big goes our way and the ACA is not one of them.

  2. One Fly.
    The ACA is not perfect; I will agree with everyone on that issue. But to do nothing was just not acceptable. What is so damned funny is that the leading opponent of ObamaCare is Mitch McConnell who is the senior US Senator from Kentucky which has one of the largests enrollments in ObamaCare and expanded MediCare. Over FIVE Million Americans now have the security of affordable health care. That is 5 million more than under the Republican non-existant alternative.
    I say to Congress, cooperate and legislate (Do the work we elected you to do) and fix what is wrong and move the fuck on. One Fly, most Americans polled agree with me.

    Fuck McConnell
    Fuck UK

    Colonel Sarge
    Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels


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