Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kansas Utility commission works for Kochs, up against the wall part 5

Last week I testified at the utilities hearing, against a bill to kill wind energy in KS.   You can read about it in 4 different posting below.  Today the Lawrence Journal and Think Progress (climate section) is reporting the chairman, Senator Pat Apple was paid $4,148 from the Chamber, $3,400 from Koch, $19,000 oil and gas, and so on.  Now, I know why we dozen or so against the bill got half the time, and these 4 got the other half, rather than equal time for each speaker.  I emailed him a few minutes ago and ask is this true, if so shouldn't you vote "present" today?
Yesterday 800+ Kansas Military Veterans got an email from me via "Operation Free".  See that little shield to the left, click it to learn what it is, sign up if your a vet.  Today is the vote. I have gone to meet ups with legislators, visited their offices, testified, emailed 25 or more.  But I forgot to take a few thousand dollars with me to see these guys.
Late in the afternoon we will know if Senate passes it.  The leadership pulled a rarely used procedural  trick on this bill, if they pass it, the house cannot debate it, only vote on it.  ALEC and Koch have tried this in every state with a wind energy agreement or law, failed every time, last year failed in Kansas 2 times.  I fear their first victory after about 40 losses will be in Kansas, well they deserve it, they bought it.  But if we lose I have learned something from the Kochs, refight the same battle every fucking year, I will start looking for someone who will introduce a bill to bring wind energy back.
Get active, the Senator Apple's among us need to know even if they win, and taking corporate payment before a vote on their issue is "technically legal",  lots of us know how they did it and see it as corrupt.

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  1. Thanks for your passion and participation yf! Am winning nothing here. My rate increase for elec starting the first of the year is 30%.


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