Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blubber boy down in New Jersey, can he get up?

My red state paper had no mention of the heavyset governor's troubles.  Protecting the portly one is no surprise.  I think they will turn on tubby once Cruz, Paul, and Rubio figure out this is a way to dispose of their corpulent competitor.  So be it, he polled stouter against the Dems than any other douche bag.  Maddow had porky in her sights at least 3 weeks ago, but it was a small town reporter hammering away that found the smoking guns in dumpy's office.  A lesbian and a reporter may undo the corn-fed rethuglican.  Seems sure the FBI will want to interview the spherical one, the busiest bridge in the nation is partially blocked for politics, that is fucking with interstate commerce, how much freight was delayed, how many man hours lost?  Most likely they will never get an ample answer of flabby's involvement, but it will weigh heavy on his chances in 2016, opportunity ahead looks thin.


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  2. Chris Christy isn't conservative enough to suit the baggers who favor Cruz (who was not born in this country) and Rand Paul (who should be poster child for contraceptics) so I didn't see him having a chance. Kind of a shame though; Christy is a moderate Republican and could bring the GOP a lot of Democrat votes in 2016 - Actually, I see him as the only Republican who can beat Hillary Clinton.


    1. It could be harder now, plus the right will savage him at no cost to the dems.

  3. I like the way u handle weighty issues Darrel! lol


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