Thursday, January 23, 2014

Like ketchup in the wind.

At a blog dedicated to promoting clean energy over coal and natural gas some smart ass was gloating over the PTC being cut and goody goody cause it gives giant tax breaks to a fake industry.  It is a tax break green energy got for a few years, but fossil fuel gets 20 times as much and has since 1910 I think.  So I set out to find what is my share.  Not easy, different sites and stories bend the billions into different threat levels, so I took the lowest and the highest and found that ketchup costs me more than PTC.  I'd say both are a bargain.  My comment  will probably be attacked, since the coal industry shills wants to talk about millions and billions, not $2. 
My comment:
found various figures for the Production Tax Credits cost to our federal tax collections. These excluded the offsetting impact of taxes and contributions paid to local, state and federal from new jobs and growth in commerce during build and life cycle. The billions in tax relief over the years covered works out to my share of the bill being less than $2 a year, or $9 in the very highest examples. I spend more than that on ketchup.


  1. Hey Sarge, What is your blog address? The one I have doesn't work.

  2. should get you there. I see today he's one can opener short of a set.


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