Friday, January 31, 2014

Colorado wins against ALEC, solar panels will prevail.

Jan. 29th Colorado turned back ALEC and the local utilities attempt to kill net metering for roof top solar.  Net metering is when you generate your own power and the meter runs backwards.  Arizona just beat back the same thing a few days ago, and Georgia I believe.  Now they (ALEC, Kochs, coal) move the fight to Kansas.  Hearings are coming up soon on this.  Normally it takes a year to schedule bills to the floor, for these guys the GOP can do it in a few days.
 Look, if the sunshine falls on my land or building, why can't I use it, sell it if I want, I can sell tomato's that are on my side of the fence, why not sunshine?  The more people producing a little power, the stronger the safety factor from storm outages, and the less investment the utility has to make.  I understand the utility needs a few dollars to trim trees and fix polls, so a small charge is OK, but what they want is to make it so severe as to kill the incentive.  They want to kill the independence and entrepreneurial spirit that we hear so much about.   So, now lets see if Kansas can do what .

I have seen some of these solar farms in German pastures, with sheep or cattle mowing the grass between them, sleeping in the shade under them.

Recently the head of one of Germany's energy departments said the reason we can do these things is because we don't have the Koch brothers.

Germany pays a little more for a unit of power than we do, but they use less in their homes, also they are OK with it, they say it is for the good of the nation and for the environment of the world, they are a bit puzzled that the Americans are so worried if it will cost a few dollars more to clean things up, don't you want things cleaned up they say.


  1. Are you aware of the GIANT solar panal array that the Air Force has out at Nellis?


    1. I remember reading something about it a year or so back.

  2. Colorado is now much more progressive than Wisconsin ...

    1. NAC, it's a tenuous hold, there is a lot of money trying to get rid of the dems in congress and Udall in the senate, plus the gov. Colorado Springs is a hive of religious right wing money and the USAF academy is rife with zealot instructors and students. It's pretty scary seeing the officer training school turning into thumpers.


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