Saturday, February 1, 2014

birth defects and gas wells

 "....children born to mothers living in areas that had more than 125 natural gas wells per mile had a 30 percent greater prevalence of congenital heart defects. The kids were also twice as likely to have had a neural tube defect than children born to mothers who lived with no wells within 10 miles of their homes."
Examining thousands of Colorado babies, the results are above.  (125 wells per mile, wow)  
"OH OH OH but that proves nothing, more studies are needed"  is response form fossil fuel and their PR firms schooled in Tobacco Industry's decades of one more test tactics.
The GOP says people can make more on welfare so why would they work, well then raise minimum wage higher, human nature will drive those freeloaders off the couch.  And really there are a lot of peope working that make so little they qualify for welfare, this would lift a few of them off that as well.  And another thing, the GOP is working overtime to cut birthcontrol at the same time they want women off welfare, make up your mind then to support a pro-natalist policies for mothers with leave for birth and they still have the job to come back to.


  1. The fuckers don't care about people unless they have money....


  2. The fossil fuels industry wants to turn the entire country into one giant Chemical Alley. The monied interests don't care because they think their money will always allow them to live where they're not affected. By the time they figure out that if you poison the entire planet, everyone dies, it may be too late.

    1. Nan, I believe they know of the damage they do. I met a advisor to the industry, a scientist, he briefed the top executives for years on these issues. He told me they never ask him once if global warming was real, they only ask how long before we will be forced to stop. He was sure they would cut back soon, in his lifetime. He died of lung cancer 2 years ago, they're still doing it.


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