Monday, February 24, 2014

once more unto the breach, dear friends

 The good fight.  I relish it.  Fighting against global warming enablers.  It's worth winning, therefore it must be worth losing, a well fought fight.  Tuesday I go to Topeka, there surrounded by bare trees, into the halls of a far right dominated house, senate and pope.
Working with a coalition ranging from the Sierra Club to wind and solar businesses, to farmers, county administrators, a church group, students and vets, we will spend the day trying to see elected officials and sway them to our single goal, stand up the third time and again defeat the repeal of the states renewable energy goals, and preserve net metering for home solar and small business solar owners.

The Koch brothers have given money to damn near all these guys, as has Coal, ALEC, and Americans for Prosperity and some of the utilities.  3 of those 5 listed are actually the same, Koch, Koch and Koch.  They are buying an end to renewable energy competing with their fossil fuel.

Last year I met with 2, and I turned one to our side, and the bill was defeated.  This year I have ask for 6 meetings, 3 have agreed, I will still try to see all 6.  What these groups do is lie, that wind energy drives our energy cost up, and makes the grid hard to manage, on and on.  Actually the opposite is true of the new wind farms the last couple of years, the prices are the lowest form of power, and they strengthen the grid with more possibilities and more distributed sources.  As for net metering, this is easy to throw at these GOP guys, it is a libertarian issue, why would they serve a utility against the "rugged individual"s choice to turn the sun light falling on his property into his own power, and to share it with the neighbors if he has extra, devaluing it or restricting the use or sharing of it is a tax on our sunlight, a tax on solar power in the name of serving a government regulated monopoly, the utility.

Sometimes it looks bleak up there, but, I've been on that bridge before.


  1. Darrel.
    I know that I am asking a LOT but get yourself a "high and tight" hair doo before you talk to those neo-com fuckers. Image is everything. I read the book, "Dress For Success" and immediatedly went and got a three piece pin striped blue suit and some silk ties. Sales went up!
    Image Darrel. image...


    1. I'm sporting the "businessman's cut", it works just fine with my GOP pals.


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