Friday, February 14, 2014

A Confederacy of Dunces.

Today's London's business newspaper front page.
In case you only follow the US news sources you might have missed that the PM of France visited the US and discussed issues not related to his girlfriend or the seating arrangement at the White House dinner.
You might also have missed that while we chilled, Russia barely had a winter at all, Ireland and Great Brittan had 45 days of floods and hurricane force storms blow off the ocean doing billions in damage and lost business.  Australia has set another summer of record highs.
But thanks be unto god, the flatearth society continues to do good work, yesterday the Kansas legislature passed a resolution to be sent to the United States Congress warning that Climate Science is not science, but gobbledygook, and it's stupid, really really stupid.  I think that is how they put it.

Find "A Confederacy of Dunces".  Great and funny book, only one that author ever wrote.


  1. What has happened there? I always seen Kansas as being mid-American.
    Is Kansas our America?

    Darrel, before we die this place will be a fucking theocracy that rivals even Iran for repression...


    1. What has happened? We woke up with a theocracy, Pope Brownback already built a chapel in the Capital building. They spend most their time on guns, gays, tax breaks for the rich, deals for companies, overturning city and county laws, (central control of the church), keeping blacks and hispanics from voting, writing laws they believe will prevent federal law applying here. If I didn't own things here, I would get out. My farm income is not taxed now, my business income neither, so who's paying for the bridge repairs, I like new bridges, people that don't own a farm or a business that's who, it's not fair, it's a hell of a position to be in the middle of something that feels crooked. And Pope Brownback's chapel, I am waiting for muslims or Hindu to get in there and pray, I want to see what will be the reaction.


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