Monday, February 17, 2014

Klansas state sanctioned discrimination law update

The flatearth society continues it's nationwide moment in the spotlight.  Last week the state lower house passed a religious freedom law that will allow government workers, or employees of companies to refuse to serve gay couples, or anyone they suspect is a gay couple.  Smile at your buddy waiting for a chick-fil-e and you may be shown the door. (BTW, please boycott chick-file and hobby lobby) It's up to the server to decide if you are or aren't, you have no say.

The blow back is big.  Businesses don't like it because they don't know which employee may one day refuse to serve and damage the business.  They are getting blow back from all over the nation.  But, so far only two Episcopal bishops have sent letter saying it's wrong, it's anti-christian, the rest of the Klansas thumpers are silent.  The upper house (state senate) pulled the bill and say they will fine tune it, some say it will never go forward, I bet it will.  The AG says he is budgeting $120k for the first years legal contest if it passes.

In a letter to the editor (Wichita Eagle) there was an excellent plea to the legislature to expand the bill, allow servers and employees to refuse to serve bigoted zealots as well, and let them refuse other religions, after all if you are truly religious aren't all other religions and sects going to hell?  Aren't they athiest?  You shouldn't have to serve people on their way to hell.

A protest over the weekend put labels all around the capital building, marking off the best sidewalks and water fountains as "Straights Only".  On the main approach one sidewalk was marked gay and the other straight, hundreds were on the gay sidewalk, straight was empty.

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