Tuesday, February 18, 2014

If common sense is gas, Klansas is running on fumes

Flat earth boys at it again.  Klansas legislators are running a new divorce law through the gallery.  It seems that women are just throwing their marriages away out here, so, they are going to outlaw "no fault" divorce.  A couple can't just say we fell out of love, want out no big deal we figured out our own settlement - not fighting over the soap dish or the CD's.

Instead they want to return to them good old days, when you had to tell about the cheating and drinking and the squandered money, you have to make a case recorded in court records.  If women have an abusive husband they need to lay it out and the husband can deny it and your not at work your in court making no money and the judge may decide who gets the pick-up and on it goes.

Why?  Religion.  Feel stupid that you ask?  You should.  The bible thumpers decided that if it's hard to get a d-i-v-o-r-c-e, then all those bruised arms and broken dishes will be worth it, you'll finally understand you can turn to the bible for answers, and the emergency room for stitches and your in it for the long haul, till you have the money and time to get it to court.  And thats the way the theocracy will save marriage.  Haven't seen the bill, wouldn't be surprised if you don't have to have counseling first to be eligible, there was talk of that.
Our other claim to fame besides the "hunt Mexicans from helicopters" legislators is the state sanctioned descrimmination allowing government or private employees to refuse to serve gays on religious grounds, still stuck in the upper house.  Passed in the lower chamber, it's been a shit storm on this one, they may let it die, but I've got faith, the Christian Taliban will pass it.   Stay tuned.

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  1. HR-3 banning gay marriage just passed in the Indiana Senate and goes back to the House - removed the ban on civil unions...



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