Wednesday, February 12, 2014

poor Donald, he can't help it, he was born without an empathy gene.

Scotland shook Donald Trumphs comb over today.  A high court turned down his law suit to stop a wind farm being placed a few miles offshore of his proposed golf course.  Didn't want to have to look at those little pin wheels way out there low on the horizon, making energy for ordinary Scots.  He says he will file another suit, sure he will, but after years of this, doesn't look all that good for the billionaire.

Besides the court, the people around the proposed golf course on the shore are moving from in favor of the golf course, to being against it.  More and more details come out, and they don't like it.  If it goes ahead, hundreds of acres of beautiful pasture land rolling down to the sea and punctuated with little farms will be turned into a high end golf and entertainment center with a high end housing development surrounding it.  The natives were fooled at first, but billionaires demanding and getting what they want eventually breeds contempt.


  1. Apparently he was born without a business gene as he's continually gone bankrupt and failed to make money with Casinos.


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