Friday, February 14, 2014

23 f ing degrees by 2050

NOAA, who keeps hitting their predictions about climate change, in fact they have to keep adjusting them, and not to the good.  Based on the latest jump in CO2, recall that it should be about 350 to prevent warming, last year it hit 400 in one reading, now it has hit in the 420's in another.  Those were new highs ont averages, but the CO2 release rate now looks as if an average of mid to high 400's will occur by 2050.  Along with that will be arctic early fall temperatures (that is the heat lag cycle's typical high point) will likely be 23°f higher than the most recent norms, which are themselves higher than historical norms.

The arctic will be free of ice all but a thin coat in the late winter.  Likewise, at 23° warmer, most of the Greenland ice sheet should have melted, bringing the ocean level up almost 20 feet, of course Antartica will also have contributed to that total.

Don't feel left out, some other parts of the globe will jump in temps as well, in various amounts.  Lets just say we jump 15° across the nation.  So, summer highs in the southwest commonly of 130, upper northeast of 115.  It would be a good thing to start working to persuade people to turn this around.

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