Thursday, February 13, 2014

Peabody Energy beats St Louis citizens

"business entities (which, after all, are a species of associations of citizens coming together in the exercise of economic freedom) are entitled to constitutional protection as citizens and may not arbitrarily be denied basic legal rights. See Citizens United v. Federal Election Comm., 558 U.S. 310 (2010)."

Thus stated a judge today in StLouis, siding in favor of Peabody Energy and against the 22,000 registered voter signatures (enough to qualify it) to place a ballot initiative in the next election which if passed would curtail the municipality of providing incentives to fossil fuel companies doing more than $1 million in the city.  (see this just says don't give these guys a tax break more than anyone else or special conditions, yet to Peabody the special treatment is expected and will not be given up) Their will be no ballot initiative if corporations don't want them.  The "personhood" of corporations is now expanded by this ruling from unlimited election contributions from the few to dominate the many, to this, which can and will morph into all manner of events.  Now every law, regulation, citizen action, every political action, it's all going to be contested by business, and more often than not found in favor of the, ah what did he call it, "a species of associations of citizens".  

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