Monday, February 24, 2014

Triple Whammy

Interesting reading over the weekend.  The GOP is facing a triple whammy, without severe vote suppression they have 12 years at most to hold onto power nationally.   OK, sure, they could change from being pricks, yah, I know, ain't happening, at least not for a while.

1) Growth of democrats.  In almost every major metro area in the US the growth rate of "D" is multiples of growth in "R".  In some cities there is no "R" growth at all.  In rural areas, in small towns within rural areas the overall population is on the decline with "R" in firm control of a shrinking vote.
2) Age demographics.  The percent of "R" vote is almost completely tied to age.  The oldest voters are overwhelmingly "R".  Every 5 year increment younger the stronger the "D" vote becomes.  As more "R" voters assume room temperature, well, with it goes much of their power.
3) Ethnic demographics.  It's simple, the roofers and people making beds in hotels are going to get to vote one of these days.  Asians have not voted much, but this is changing to.

Maybe they can pull off a Mexico, where the party of the rich dominate the elections over the majority for a hundred years.  And they are trying to do this, with voter suppression, stalling emigration, making it harder for the poor and students, installing bigoted judges, and giving the corporations everything they ask for.  This is why they are more dangerous and more active now than ever before, they are fighting for their lives, and we must help them lose that fight. In some areas they can hang on a long time but nationally, without a move away from the religious racists and corporatism, and towards helping people and the nation, they face a triple whammy.

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  1. Darrel.
    The only thing that keeps the poor from killing the rich is religion.
    I don't see any poor Republicans...



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