Friday, February 28, 2014

head trip

Assignment: 1) A full size precise skin covered skull, correct in all dimensions, bone and muscle structures.  (so the instructor and I measure, compare, look at anatomy pictures, skulls, then back to it, push pound rub and scrape, it's more physical than I imagined it would be)  2) add features, hair, shoulders and upper chest.

Don't worry, she won't have a mustache, the mouth is just roughed in to create planes, it will be a bit softer in the end.  I still have one eye to build, more cheek and temple work before I start step 2.
Traditionally I work in stone, limestone or marble, I had no idea with clay there was so much slapping and pushing to get what you want, it's like Saturaday night at Rodney Dangerfield's house.

Rodney's classics:
"I'm trying to teach the dog to beg" Wife says, "Let him watch you in the bedroom Saturday."
"My sex life is a disaster, I turned to over eating for satisfaction, I had mirrors put on the kitchen ceiling."

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  1. I'm just wondering how that skull would appear when looking into the kitchen ceiling mirrors. Ya don't think it would appear as a polluted space rock do ya :)


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