Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Food rant 1.0, milk

Drink your milk cause it's crammed with calcium or else your kid won't grow strong bones and your old aunt will break her hip, so get them some milk, dairy dairy calcium calcium, what a drum beat.

All dogs are dogs, but they don't all do the same, some herd, some point, some run.  Gas, 3 maybe 4 kinds at the pump, high - low octane, even diesel, it's gas, but not all the same.

Milk has lots of calcium, true.  But so does lots of vegitables, especially dark green leafy ones, other vegi's and fruit and nuts and grains have some to, at least a little.  But not all calcium is the same.  Our bodies cannot absorb much of the calcium that comes from cattle and goats milk, it's simply not the right kind, but it can easily absorb and use almost all the calcium found in plants, it's the exact right kind.  People who eat a plant based diet might consume less calcium but they absorb more, cause........ not all calcium is the same.  Scandanavians consume more dairy than most other populations, and they are more active than most others.  They have a higher percentage of bone breaks than the others too.

Calcium, if you have low bone density, eat plants, dark green especially.  Milk, and suppliments will not build bones as fast as kale and potato soup.
One more thing, soft drinks have an acid in them that both blocks calcium absorbtion and depleats some we already have.  Do not drink these diabetes starters, they are attacking your bones.

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