Friday, January 24, 2014

pencil test

She set in the chair tilting her head and smiling.  The old house didn't have air conditioning and today it was hot.  The windows were wide open, in front of the house the river churned wide and black roiling fast towards Koblenz to merge with the Rhine.  My friend had taken her blouse off earlier, and she didn't have a bra when she arrived.
You have beautiful breasts.
Laughter, more head tilting.  They won't hold a pencil.
That's how you tell if your tits are great or not.  Lift it and put a pencil under there against the ribs and let go.  If the pencil stays there they are not great tits.  So get me a pencil.
I ran off then back with a pencil.
Thanks, watch this.
The pencil dropped.  Big smile and a wink.
Wow, your tits are great, and big.
Yes, I know.

Later we went for a walk and drank wine on a patio near the water.


  1. Well, ah, this blog is taking a turn ...

    ; )

    1. Not really, there is an erotic undertone to every post I make, or didn't you feel it?

    2. I'll have to start reading more closely ...


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