Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Texas wind kept the lights on

The cold spell over the US sank into Texas and their space heaters and electric blankets drove the grid to it's capacity.  Now, the wind haters bemoan, "we were one power plant failure from a black out", and "we now have to much reliance on wind".  Note what their worry is -- the coal plant crashing, but they tie their worry to those damn wind mills.  Truth is if the wind had stopped they would have had to buy power off the grid from out of state just as if the coal fire had flamed out.  So, the real issue is they need more capacity, or better yet, lower demand.  So, they can build more wind or solar systems from when ever they make their mind up, in: 1 to 3 years, or another coal plant in 5 to 10, or a gas plant in 4 to 8.  Wind and solar will be the cheapest to build and for ever after the fuel is free.  The fact is, so many wind mills have been put into Texas, thousands, the last couple of years, without them they would have had their failure, it was wind that kept the lights on.  Had they not been there, those Texacans would have been cold.
Fuck Baylor, Fuck TCU, Fuck the 1%ers, Fuck all the Bush's, and Fuck Rick Perry.


  1. I appreciate all the fucking that's going on around here.

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    1. Don't paint me into a corner like that.

    2. Please accept my humble apology.
      Please add - Fuck Mike Pence, Fuck Mitch McConnell, and Fuck Larry Buschon (R-In/7).



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