Monday, January 20, 2014

What does it mean when you hear someone loaned a political campaign money?

Kansas governor GOP pope Brownback found himself falling behind the democrats for his campaign war chest.  Bam.  Suddenly he has the upper hand with one guy "loaning" him $500,000.  The guy is his ultra rich lieutenant governor.
I did not know this until today but campaign loans to yourself, or your own campaign as this is a ticket of two like the Pres and VP, these loans from yourself can be kept secret as to the terms.  Sometimes they are forgiven, therefore the limits of giving have been gotten around.  But typically what goes on is the interest rates are outrageous, no limit is set by law.  After the race you can continue to raise donations to pay off these loans.  Who would do that?  Lobbyist who want big favors from the winner help pay off the loans.  Since these trolls can charge any rate they want for their own money to their own campaign, they can make big big big ass money off it.  25%, much higher, anything is legal, 300% is legal. Plus when it is announced there is a loan this tips off lobbyist that should this prick win he is for sale, this is a red light over a whores window, condoms optional.   So you have these guys filling their own pockets in office from corporations wanting big ass favors, "helping" them repay the "campaign debt".  This is crooked man I don't give a shit what the law says this is corruption right out in the open, like screw you people we companies and rich guys are going to buying the votes and laws that benefit us, not for you, fuck you. 

So far the democrats have raised a million in 2 months from lots of small doners, just a little behind brownback after the 1/2M loan. 


  1. Here in Illinois, Bruce Rauner a billionaire who made his money as a wealth "management" expert stealing from Teacher's pensions has been loaning his campaign millions.

    If he wins the nomination, very likely, he'll be able to use his skills at legerdermain to recoup those expenses when he sells the state to the Koch Brothers.

  2. Grung_e_Gene: Recoup the expense is only part of it, with this loophole they can profit from it, the interest can be anything they say it is.


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